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Enter into a bright, clean and beautiful space where you’ll be warmly greeted by an experienced customer service representative and/or Lagree YYC instructor who’ll give you a tour of the studio and introduce you to the amazing Megaformer before you take the leap into your first full body intense 45 minute Lagree Fitness workout.

Celebrating 3 ½ years in Calgary, Lagree YYC has created a wonderful community of diverse members who welcome new participants, of all ages (minimum 16), fitness levels and fitness backgrounds, with open arms.

“Our members all understand what it’s like to be a first timer at Lagree” says Kim Rothenberg, co-owner of Lagree YYC. “It can be intimidating taking that first class and we all want to see new people succeed.” So don’t be surprised if one of our seasoned Lagree members starts chatting up a storm with you!

It was back in 2014, when Rothenberg discovered the Lagree Fitness MethodTM and the patented Megaformer. As a certified personal trainer, post-rehab medical exercise specialist and pre/post natal specialist, Kim went on a fact finding trip to New York City where she was looking for a fresh, yet challenging workout regimen that would excite her clients and the greater Calgary community. She left the class thinking it was the best total body workout she had ever done!

Lagree YYC, YYC Fitness, Calgary

In that class, she worked her muscles in a way like never before and couldn’t believe the muscle shake and burn she was getting in every muscle, even the hard to work areas like the butt, inner thighs and abs. What was so unbelievable was the intensity of the workout in a no impact way……….no jumping jacks or burpees, or squat jumps and all of the moves were SLOW.

14 months after discovering this incredible workout, Kim and her husband, Leonard Seidman opened their first studio in Calgary on Elbow Drive in Britannia. Their second location, in Signal Hill, opened 18 months later.

Each studio houses the innovative Megaformer, in fact 12 of them at Britannia and 9 of them at Signal Hill. The Megaformer consists of a moving platform that is manipulated through a system of springs, straps and pulleys. It uses a person’s body weight to provide resistance. 

Lagree YYC, Calgary Fitness

Certified Lagree Fitness instructors will guide small class sizes through a 45-minute routine that works all of the muscle groups. The workout isn’t about how many reps you can do, but about how slow you can go in each and every move and then how quickly you can transition between moves.

“The benefits of going slow” says Rothenberg, “is that you target your slow twitch muscle fibres, the ones responsible for building muscle strength, muscle endurance, and burning fat. You’ll also become more flexible and can really stay in-tune with your body, the entire time, so the chances of injuring yourself are greatly reduced. By transitioning quickly between exercises, you’ll also get the cardio benefit and rev up your metabolism. This workout really hits all of the elements of fitness and will help you in any other activity that you do outside of Lagree.”

To keep the experience fresh and effective for their continually growing clientele, the Lagree team varies the exercises and changes the order in which muscle groups are tackled from class to class.  Each Lagree YYC instructor has been handpicked because of specific fitness, health and lifestyle specialties and proven track records as motivating – and often highly entertaining humans.

So select a class and be prepared to work at an intensity that you have never done before, to high-energy music that mirrors this intensity. Get ready to sweat, shake, burn, have fun, and leave the studio completely empowered with a smile on your face.

Lagree YYC, Calgary Fitness

And guess what??? Your first class is free, so no excuses, sign up today and give it a try! You’ll be so happy that you did!!

Lagree YYC has graciously offered the Shop Local CANADA community 15% off a regularly priced class-pack purchase until October 31st, 2018 so take advantage of this opportunity before it’s too late.

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