Eco Friendly Gifts You Can Feel Good About Giving


There are so many conscious lifestyle choices we can easily make to help us have a greener impact, and what better time to start than by giving planet-loving, eco friendly gifts this season? These eco friendly gifts are perfect for any eco-friendly person on your list, secret Santa gift exchange, or as an initiative you take on yourself – Feel good about giving this holiday season!

Create Forest Apparel

The ultimate gift is 3 gifts in one! Create Forest Apparel is a local clothing brand that supports sustainable clothing, and for every item purchased, the company plants two trees! Not only will your loved one receive a stylish piece of clothing (made from organic cotton, bamboo, and recycled polyester), they will be gifted with the joy of helping the environment too! What I personally love about this company is that you are actually able to see where your two trees have been planted! With each purchased t-shirt, hoody, tank top, toque, etc., you receive a ‘tree code’ to pin-point the exact location where your trees are growing! An awesome eco friendly gift for those tree and nature lovers in your life.

Locality Totes

One of the easiest ways we can reduce our environmental impact is by bringing along our own shopping totes to reduce the need for plastic bags. Instead of carrying around grocery store brand-name bags, why not carry around something that is stylish, cute, and maybe even a bit ‘punny’? Locality Totes is the place to go! Add some personality to your shopping with these witty eco friendly bags – each processed AZO-free, ensuring they do not contain any hazardous chemicals that other reusable bags may have. Locality Totes is working hard to provide everyone with reusable tote options while reducing their own environmental impact by only producing “the number of items required to reduce our carbon footprint.” Now THAT is a gift you can feel good about giving (or maybe it is a gift within a gift!)!

Straw Hut Co.

The effect of plastic straws on wildlife and ocean animals is a hot topic. These simple plastic pieces that we use every day at fast food restaurants, bridal and baby showers, and house parties are actually having a huge impact on our planet! Reduce this impact by giving the gift of natural and reusable straws from Straw Hut Co.! Every straw is ethically sourced and is available in a variety of materials including: glass, bamboo, paper, stainless steel and more! Get the straw you need to “find the perfect sipping utensil and in turn ultimately stopping the production of approximately 4 billion plastic straws which are made each year.”

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Lines of Elan

Give the gift of confidence this Christmas with the Lines of Elan skin and hair care products. This eco friendly company offers only the best beauty products filled with natural and organic ingredients. Lines of Elan has everything you need for soft and clean skin and hair, including lip balm, shea butter, shampoo and soaps. Every product is “derived from the power of nature” and is formulated to be gentle on all skin-types and non-toxic. Not only are the products eco friendly, the company also ensures that all of their packing material is re-used to reduce their own impact on the environment!

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Give a gift as green as your Christmas tree and feel good about it! Want more eco friendly gift ideas? Check out the store directory for other planet-happy products that are sure to put a smile on every face (including yours and mine)!

Psst! Want to make your present eco-friendly in every way? Instead of wasting yards of paper gift wrapping this year, take the waste out of it and wrap your gifts in a way that the planet will love. Re-use old gift bags, give the gift in a beautiful new and reusable tote (see Locality Totes above!), or get creative and build a gift box that can be used for other storage solutions!

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