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Calgary Businesses

Spot Power

Spot Power is a local electricity and gas company that is focused on saving Albertans money when it comes to their energy bills. Who doesn’t want a decreased electricity bill?! Spot Power is invested in the local community and loves helping Albertans make the switch. They even have the option to switch to using more green renewable energy. Check out their website or visit them at their office in Inglewood.

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Service Outside The Line

Lori Hansen offers home care services for seniors and busy families to help make life simpler. Lori loves providing custom options and unique experiences depending on what her client needs and wants. It’s obvious she’s very passionate about what she does.

She’s helped with transportation to and from appointments, cooked with a client in their home, assisted in organizing legal documents, purchased and wrapped gifts, handled the lawn care, organized mind stimulating activities for a clients husband with dementia and the list goes on.

In her own words “working with my clients is an incredible privilege and I wake up each morning excited about what the day will bring and the opportunities for learning I have from our time together.”

Visit Lori’s website for more information on her services.

Service Outside The Line, Calgary Home Care Services


A Little Campout

Looking for a unique birthday party idea for your little one? Maybe your son or daughter has been asking for a sleepover lately? A sleepover birthday party with A Little Campout sleepover tents would be perfect! A Little Campout provides everything you need to have a memorable sleepover. Their packages include tents and matching quilts, air mattresses, breakfast trays, fairy lights for the tents, wood chalkboard name signs and the list goes on. They’ve thought of every detail to make sure this is the best birthday party EVER! Check out their website for more information.

A Little Campout, Calgary Birthday Party


Kelo Designs

So much time is spent looking for the perfect engagement ring but we often overlook what we’ll keep this special ring in. Not only do you want to ‘wow!’ your love on the day of the engagement, you want something beautiful and unique to keep the ring in for years to come. Kelo Designs is on a mission to make sure you don’t get down on one knee with a dull black box. It’s such a special ring and a special moment – it deserves a handcrafted ring box. Check our their website for more information.

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Calgary Businesses

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