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We're excited to introduce you to Cassy, the owner of WOASH Wellness, an organic tea company that bridges the gap between traditional herbal medicine and modern wellness and is based in Vancouver, BC. At WOASH Wellness they "aim to encourage health aware individuals to nourish their bodies from within by carefully crafting tea blends that utilize the natural benefit and healing properties of each organic ingredient". Enjoy!

woash wellness

What does the perfect morning look like to you?

    • Slow, alone (love my husband but I love my morning routine more haha!), a bit of movement, a cup of Pick Me Up, meditating + journaling.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

    • Everywhere is on my list but if I could go tomorrow, South Africa.

What 3 words best describe your business?

    • Calm / Nourishing / Intuitive

What's your proudest moment in your business so far?

    • Launching! That feeling of having everything I worked so hard for the previous 5-months finally come into fruition and seeing people's reaction was something I will never forget!
woash wellness

If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to and why?

    • The 70s because it seemed like such a wild time to be alive!

What 3 items would you take to a deserted island?

    • 1. Nettle tea
    • 2. My hammock
    • 3. A never ending good book haha!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    • Living in nature on an island just outside Vancouver with my own herb garden and an office that overlooks the ocean. Follow along to see a city based business go coastal!

What's the biggest problem your business solves for people?

    • That clueless feeling you get when you pick up a "healthy" product, it sounds good for you but you are unsure why and how it is beneficial for you other than the vague title on the front.
woash wellness

Aside from your business, what's your biggest passion?

    • I share my passion for business with my passion to travel - I'm determined to see and do anything once!

If you could road trip anywhere next weekend, where would you go and why?

    • I would jump in the car and drive down the coast to California, craving that desert heat and scenery!

We loved getting to know Cassy a little more and hope you did too! To check out WOASH Wellness, head to her website.

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woash wellness

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