Mother-Daughter Business: Original Human Co.


We absolutely love seeing mothers and daughters come together to build businesses like Win and Sasha from Original Human Co, a cruelty free and vegan skin care company based in Calgary AB. We asked this mother-daughter business duo some questions about their business partnership, what it's really like working together as a mother-daughter business and any tips they have for up and coming mother-daughter duos. Enjoy!

How did your business come together? Share a bit about your start in business.

    • We’ve always been close, so when it came to finding solutions to the skin issues we each had, we basically started exploring solutions from the same angle. It took us a little while to figure out that even though we’re very similar in many ways, our skin wasn’t one of them. Mine (Sasha) is breakout-prone, dry, and just generally difficult, while mom's skin is more sensitive and reactive. We needed to approach things differently. From this process, and diving deep into what different skin needs to be healthy, we founded Original Human. It’s skincare driven by embracing what makes you, you!

Why did you decide to work together?

    • The brand grew organically out of who we are (and who mom has encouraged me to become) plus all the experimentation we’ve done to find something that worked for both of us. Launching a store to be able to share that with the world was the next step and we’re so happy to be able to do that as best friends.
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What's one thing that contributes to your success as a Mother-Daughter duo?

    • There are a number of things but mom and I have a very open, honest relationship, which is crucial for any successful relationship. As any business owner will tell you, things do get stressful, with passions and personalities all coming into play, so being able to communicate and listen effectively is important. 

What's your favourite moment working together so far?

    • Overall the entire process has been a joy and there have been so many moments, from seeing the brand come to life and having a tangible product in your hand, to launching online and our first sale.  

What advice do you have for other Mother-Daughter business partners? Is this something you would recommend?

    • In our case, it was almost a natural extension of our relationship and we would definitely recommend it. But like many things when it comes to relationships, adding the dynamics of a business on top of your mother-daughter relationship can amplify what's already there. I think having a strong relationship to start with definitely helps.   

Mother - Share your favourite thing about working with your daughter:

    • I love spending time together, discussing a topic that really interests us both, but also getting to know her as a business woman, and seeing how knowledgable and passionate she is as we build something special together.    

Daughter - Share your favourite thing about working with your Mother:

    • I feel that our partnership was a long time coming. I’ve always admired mom’s entrepreneurial spirit. To me she was a trailblazer who ran her own business with three toddlers in tow. I’m now close to the age she was and can appreciate even more what she’s accomplished. Being able to work so closely and tap into that entrepreneurial spirit and get things done attitude has been amazing.    

We hope you enjoyed getting to know this amazing mother-daughter business duo and local Canadian shop. You can check out their skincare products here

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