Alternative Canadian Made Engagement Rings


You’ve probably noticed the recent trend in alternative Canadian made engagement rings, whether that means people are choosing gemstones, varying designs, you name it. The classic diamond ring is slowly losing popularity in the wedding scene, while new options are popping up around every corner.

Looking for something to jazz up your proposal? These Canadian makers want to help make your day just a little bit more unique, with a piece of jewellery to dazzle that special someone when they say yes!

Alternative Canadian Made Engagement Rings

Alternative Canadian Made Engagement Rings

Yvonne Hoelzel Jewellery (Vancouver, BC)

This handcrafted jeweller prides herself in creating low quantities, often one-of-a-kind pieces, for you to wear for the rest of your life. The jewellery here is made from recycled silver and gold, so you can feel good knowing you’re saving the planet AND looking fabulous. A North Vancouver company, Yvonne creates timeless pieces that are sure to turn a few heads wherever you go.

Alternative Canadian Made Engagement Rings
Yvonne Hoelzel Jewellery

Kim Drosdick Jewellery (Toronto, ON)

Jewellery expert and designer extraordinaire, Kim Drosdick has a secret to creating the perfect piece for you – she listens. Speak from the heart and Kim will make it come to life, designing unique engagement rings with diamonds, gems, mixed metals and unique patterns. Browse her collection for wedding must-haves and statement pieces.

Alternative Canadian Made Engagement Rings
Kim Drosdick

The Groggy Owl (Oakville, ON)

Looking for something mass-produced and generic? Didn’t think so! From customized pieces to upcycled and locally sourced, The Groggy Owl makes jewellery you’ll be proud to slip on your finger. Raw gems, recycled metal, statement jewellery – find it all under one local Ontario name.

Bobbi’s Jeweller (Owen Sound, ON)

Looking for something unique for that special someone? Bobbi’s Jewellers not only creates one-of-a-kind jewellery but does so with ethically sourced materials. So not only can your significant other look dynamite with a piece of jewellery not seen on anyone else, but you can feel good knowing that it came from a place of love.

Alternative Canadian Made Engagement Rings

JY Jewellery (Oakville, ON)

Significant other not into traditional rings? No sweat – say it with a custom piece of jewellery designed by the one and only JY Jewellers. This ring twists and turns in all the right ways, creating a stunning pattern you simply can’t look away from. From single diamonds to beautiful stone arrangements, JY can make it happen for you and your special someone.

JY Jewellery

Chayle Jewellery (Ottawa, ON)

Avoid the pushy salesmen and overwhelming display boxes, because Chayle Jewellery sells their artistically designed creations online. Following responsible and ethical practices, Chayle brings you recycled sources of silver and gold, fair trade gemstones and Canadian diamonds that will stun any onlooker.

Kelo Designs (Calgary, AB)

Now that you’ve got the ring, it’s time for the packaging. Kelo Designs combine their love of handcrafting with precision to bring you a carefully made, unique wooden engagement ring box. It might just be the most important box you ever buy!

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Alternative Canadian Made Engagement Rings

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Written by Kelsey Woods

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