Get To Know Toronto Shop FRWRD Skincare

We’re excited to introduce you to Vladimir, the owner behind local Toronto shop, FRWRD Skincare. FRWRD Skincare is a brand of powerful self-care products designed to improve your skin, your mind and your life. We hope you enjoy getting to know him and his business a little more.

What does the perfect morning look like to you?

  • I get a good night’s rest. I’m gently woken up by a glimmer of warm sunshine hitting my eye through the window. I get up, take a deep breathe and proceed to my bathroom. The first thing I do is wash and clean, then I pull an affirmation card from my deck and reflect on it as I apply my serum and moisturizer. I start brewing my cup of coffee or tea depending on the day and then proceed to write in my journal and planner. I remember that today is a new day, to be lived as if it is a chance at a new life. I feel present and empowered.

What’s your favourite thing about owning a small business?

  • The deep impact I can have on people and the relationships I can form with my customers.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

  • Travel has really been a dream during Covid. There are many places on my travel bucket list, but since my parents are ex-pats in Panama and haven’t seen me or my 2 year old son in an entire year, I would travel to Panama to see them first.

What 3 words best describe your business?

  • Conscious. Impactful. Human.

What’s one thing people might not know about you?

  • I’m an introvert. Completely obsessed with learning, with a deep love for and connection to nature and the universe. The Japanese have a word for the sense of awe and elation I feel when I’m immersed in the wonder, it’s called Yugen.

What’s your proudest moment in your business so far?

  • The first thing that comes to mind is getting featured in some publications I respect and gaining some early recognition, however, the real proudest moment is simply hearing the impact my product has on my customers. When I hear a glowing review from a customer with sensitive skin who simply hasn’t been able to use any other products or someone who’s benefiting from the reflection ritual, and using it each morning… that’s what makes me truly happy.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • Having a beautiful line of face, body care and wellness and mindfulness products. Making an impact on the lives of our customers and supporting them in creating their best selves. Living in my dream home, learning, traveling and seeing my son grow to be an intelligent and inquisitive young boy.

What’s one of your biggest values when it comes to your business?

  • Integrity in everything we create, say and do.

What’s the biggest problem your business solves for people?

  • Helping them create a better self mind body and soul. Giving people the knowledge that no matter what happens, their self-care will always create the well they need to gather from in moments of darkness. Deepening their joy and presence by creating a better connection to themselves, nature and others around them.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome in your business?

  • I started the business during a pandemic and while going through a divorce. It was a double whammy. I moved three times, sold our old home, was parenting as a single father, all while focusing on putting my best foot forward in a completely new industry. I did my best to do it all with integrity because my focus was to show up as the type of person I wanted to be in the world.

When people shop from you, how does that impact you and your family?

  • It gives me great joy to know the products I have worked so hard to create are going into the hands of customers and of course every sale helps offset the tremendous monetary and time investment I have had to put in to get myself here.

Aside from your business, what’s your biggest passion?

  • I’m passionate about alot of things. Learning, exploring, being in nature, entertaining friends, rock climbing and working out.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know local Toronto shop FRWRD Skincare and Vladimir a little more! You can check out his online shop by visiting his website.

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