Best Selling Tea from Canadian Tea Companies

Ever browsed the tea section and thought, WHOA? We know we have. With so many delicious sounding blends, it’s hard to know where to start; do you try a tropical green, white peach, spicy orange, classic English breakfast? Well, think no more, we’ve compiled all the best selling tea from Canadian tea companies! The crowds have spoken and here’s what they’re loving…

Best Selling Tea From Canadian Tea Shops

Best Selling Tea

Business: Tea With Tracie

Tea: Morning Hustle

Location: Oakville, ON

This unique English breakfast blend from Tea with Tracie in Oakville, Ontario has a robust taste with that Irish kick you’ve been looking for to get the day started. Enjoy a warm cup of this all day, every day 100% natural blend ethically produced by a certified tea sommelier.

Business: TEA on the 45TH

Tea: Wellness Detox

Location: Bracebridge, ON

This blend of lemongrass, peppermint and dandelion leaf is enjoyed weekly by staff and customers alike at Tea on the 45th in Muskoka, Ontario. Carefully curated in small blend batches, this lively tea will help get you back on track.

Business: Teafluent

Tea: Vanilla Cream Tea

Location: Regina, SK

Teafluent in Regina, Saskatchewan has really done it – a vanilla cream blend to ‘wow’ the senses. Its rich, creamy character combined with a hint of natural vanilla makes this blend an absolute must try, whether you’ve been drinking tea for years or you’re new to the game.

Business: Grow Tea Company

Tea: Organic Spearmint

Location: Banff, AB

This refreshing blend from Grow Tea Company in Banff, Alberta is a top seller, as it’s naturally decaf and easy on your tummy. Connecting the plant, people and places through every sip, this company is committed to elevating your tea experience.

Business: My Tea Brew

Tea: Zesty Lemon Ginger Rooibos

Location: Toronto, ON

This robust ginger blend is complemented with a tart lemon by My Tea Brew in Toronto, Ontario. Thoughtfully created for the optimal tea experience, all blends and infusions are handcrafted using 100% natural ingredients. Drink this non-caffeinated tisane hot or cold!

Business: TotaliTea, the Tea Boutique

Tea: Earl Grey Cream

Location: Calgary, AB

If you’re looking for a classic, never-get-bored-of blend, TotaliTea in Calgary, Alberta takes the cake. Winning most popular year after year, this earl grey blend adds a twist of creaminess combining black tea, oil of bergamot and blue cornflowers. 

Business: Dadirri Naturals

Tea: Yoga Chai

Location: Winnipeg, MB

Dadirri Naturals from Wasagaming, Manitoba has done it – provided the same chai taste, but non-caffeinated so that you can enjoy a warm cup of tea any time of day. Blending high quality, all-natural ingredients, this business ensures their products are great for your body, your wallet and the world. 

Business: kyth + kyn

Tea: Glow

Location: North Vancouver, BC

This local maker, kyth and kyn, from Vancouver, British Columbia created this particular blend to promote women’s wellness and healthy skin. This blend of Chinese red dates and goji berries is high in antioxidants, great for blood circulation and improved liver health so you can maintain that healthy glow all day long. 

Business: Tea-rapeutic

Tea: Green Releaf

Location: Ottawa, ON

Tea-rapeutic from Ottawa, Ontario boasts this exquisite blend, great for energy, digestion and metabolism. Introducing ancient healing with 100% organic herbs, each cup is made with love from their talented herbalist. 

With this newfound knowledge of the best selling tea from Canadian tea shops, you’re ready to hit the streets (or the online marketplace) to buy tea for you and your loved ones. Happy shopping!

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Best Selling Tea From Canadian Tea Shops

By Kelsey Woods

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