Canadian Mother-Daughter Business Tips


Have you ever considered joining your mother or daughter in business? As we’re sure you know, choosing a business partner is definitely a decision that should not be taken lightly. Some might even suggest that going into business with family members is completely off the table. With all that being said, we’ve seen a rise in thriving Canadian mother-daughter business duos.

Canadian Mother-Daughter Businesses, Canadian Mother-Daughter Business Tips

If going into business with your mother or daughter has ever crossed your mind or maybe you’ve already started working together but it hasn’t been a smooth road so far, this article is a must-read.

We asked Canadian mother-daughter business partners to share their best advice and business tips for others considering joining their mother or daughter in business.

We know you’ll find their advice and tips helpful! 

QUESTION: What advice do you have for other Canadian mother-daughter business partners? Is this something you would recommend?

Joy & Sylvan from The Potion Masters (Calgary, AB)

“Our best advice is to listen to each other and value the others’ ideas. Find the beauty in your differences because you will learn more from them than from your similarities. We would absolutely recommend working together, as long as you have a strong relationship with deep mutual respect and of course, love”

The Potion Masters, Mother Daughter Business

Answer by: Nargis, Nadia & Simra from The Jewelry Palette (Oakville, ON)

“I think that working with your mom/daughter or both is a great idea because understanding and support between these relations can be the basis for building a successful business partnership and working together successfully as a team. I also think that each generation contributes different types of insights and experiences and each is invaluable in their own way. And the best thing about the three of us working together is that we have evolved together and the bond that we share is now stronger than ever!”

The Jewelry Palette Mother Daughter Business

Kathie & Sarah from Anchored Collective (Sherwood Park, AB)

“It’s definitely not for everyone, but if it’s something you both want to pursue and you feel like it’s the right thing to do, we say go for it – be bold! You need a solid foundation of communication and understanding as well as a whole lot of grace”

Anchored Collective Mother Daughter Business

Sandra & Acacia from Serenity West (Vancouver, BC)

“One challenge we find ourselves in constantly, is the time challenge; to impose tight schedules on ourselves that make daily life stressful. We try not to make decisions or act hastily, so we really focus on creating schedules that work for both of us, making sure we leave enough time to maintain our goals without straying from our ethos. As a mother-daughter duo in particular, we struggle with this as we often have late night or early morning chats about work because we don’t have the same boundaries, or relationship, as usual business partners or colleagues. A tip for other mother-daughter duos: take time to enjoy the process too. By reminding ourselves about being local, slowing down – taking time – that has been a real game changer”

Serenity West Mother Daughter Business

Lori & Kirsten from Klas Squared (London, ON)

“Be clear in your roles and responsibilities and be honest about where you need help”

Klas Squared Mother Daughter Business

Anne & Jackie from Mimi Island Designs (Toronto, ON)

“Our advice would be to have lots of patience and respect with each other, to be open to each others ideas and be willing to give and take”

Mother Daughter Business Mimi Island Designs

Win & Sasha from Original Human Co. (Calgary, AB)

“In our case, it was almost a natural extension of our relationship and we would definitely recommend it. But like many things when it comes to relationships, adding the dynamics of a business on top of your mother-daughter relationship can amplify what’s already there. I think having a strong relationship to start with definitely helps”

Original Human Co Mother Daughter Business

Kim & Ashlyn from The Pasta Shoppe (Thunder Bay, ON)

Ashlyn (Daughter): “Go for it! It’s a work balance that you wouldn’t normally encounter with other business partners”

Kim (Mother): “For me, I have learned so much from her, our relationship has changed, there is a different level of respect for each other”

“Our advice: Be willing to listen, stay open minded to new ideas, admit when you’re wrong, ask for help, stop to celebrate, encourage each other, remember why you started, set boundaries and make time for fun things outside of business”

The Pasta Shoppe Thunder Bay Ontario, Canadian Mother Daughter Business

Nicole & Debbie from Tub Loves (Priceville, ON)

“Always keep an open heart and an open mind. Good ideas turn into great ideas when you respect one another. Being a team means that there should always give and take from one another”

Tub Loves, Canadian Mother Daughter Business

Marife & Sarah from The Groggy Owl (Oakville, ON)

“Working with anyone can be challenging, so it’s important that you are understanding of each other, mother-daughter duo or not. Remember that you’re there to support each other, and that you’re a team”

The Groggy Owl, Canadian Mother Daughter Business

Myra & Michelle from Velour Clothing Exchange (Calgary, AB)

“We get this question often and it’s difficult to answer. Each relationship is unique and has its own strengths and difficulties so it’s hard to simply recommend if it would work for other mother-daughters. But for us, it has taken lots of work, patients, and love to have a healthy relationship in and out of the business”

Velour Clothing Exchange, Canadian Mother Daughter Business

We’re so impressed with all the advice these mother-daughter business partners had to share. Hopefully you gained some insight into this kind of partnership and whether it’s the right fit for you and your mother/daughter.

Canadian Mother-Daughter Businesses, Canadian Mother-Daughter Business Tips

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