Discount Club program shop local CANADA

The Discount Club is an exclusive paid membership ($9/year) for local shop supporters to join to gain access to over 200+ coupon codes that are available from local shops (like yours!) across Canada. 

These coupon codes will only be visible to people who join The Discount Club and are eager to find local shops to purchase from.

As an SLC member, you have the opportunity to become one of the participating local shops in The Discount Club.

  • Your business will be seen by even more people who are actually looking for businesses to shop from (not just browsers)
  • Providing an incentive for shoppers helps ensure that people will choose your shop to purchase from over others that they don’t have a coupon code for
  • We’ll use social media, email and paid marketing to increase awareness of the Discount Club and participating shops

Please note: This is a brand new program and will take time to grow. This is not the main focus of the SLC membership for business owners but one of the ways we help bring you customers and increased exposure. We’re committed to growing the Discount Club over the next few years.


Can I share this code with anyone?

  • No.
  • The code you submit is only for Discount Club members. Please do not share it outside of the club. 
  • You can promote it by saying something like “you can save 20% at my shop when you join the SLC discount club” 

Why should I offer a coupon code?

  • Here are a few examples that outline some of the benefits:
    • Would you buy soap from a business that you have a coupon code for or no coupon code?
    • If you offer wholesale, you’re most likely selling your items for 50% so offering a 20% coupon code means you’re profiting 30% more than on your wholesale orders
    • People who choose to join The Discount Club are actively looking for businesses in Canada to shop from
    • You’ll gain even more exposure for your business 
    • You’ll receive free access to The Discount Club

How much of a discount do I give?

  • You can offer as much of a discount as you’d like and offer whatever incentive you’re comfortable with.
  • That being said, the higher the discount, the better chance that people will notice your shop and want to purchase but please choose a discount that makes sense for your business.
  • Please try and make it different than an incentive you offer people to sign up for your newsletter. 


If you have any questions about the DC program, please email with DISCOUNT CLUB in the subject. Please do not send questions in Instagram DMs because we don’t want to miss them!