Eco-friendly Products From Local Shops In Canada

We wanted to help make living a more eco-friendly lifestyle easy so we gathered a list of eco-friendly alternatives from local shops in Canada that you can consider adding into your routine. We feature everything from more well-known alternatives like beeswax wraps to less common options like toothpaste tabs. Hopefully this round-up helps you discover even more eco-friendly alternatives you can adopt, all while supporting a local shop in Canada. 

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Reusable Silicone Food Bag

  • Instead of plastic sandwich bags use reusable silicone food bags from Zero Waste MVMT
  • Ships from Winnipeg, MB
  • You can save 20% from Zero Waste MVMT when you join the Discount Club!

Compostable Phone Cases

  • Instead of plastic phone cases use compostable phone cases and accessories from Pela Case
  • Ships from Kelowna, BC

un-paper towels

  • Instead of paper towels use un-paper reusable towels from Karen Leone Designs
  • Ships from Calgary, AB
  • You can save 20% from Karen Leone Designs when you join the Discount Club!

biodegradable coconut scrubber

  • Instead of dish sponges use biodegradable coconut scrubber from EcoFreax
  • Ships from London, ON

Beeswax wraps

  • Instead of plastic wrap use beeswax wraps 
  • Click here to check out local shops across Canada that sell beeswax wraps

Lunch Bag

  • Instead of single use items use reusable lunch bags from rü supply co
  • Ships from Vancouver, BC

Bamboo Straws

  • Instead of plastic straws use bamboo straws from Siempre Eco
  • Ships from Edmonton, AB
  • You can save 15% from Siempre Eco when you join the Discount Club!

Natural Deodorant

  • Instead of regular deodorant with aluminum and plastic packaging use natural deodorant in plastic-free packaging from Old Soul Soap Company
  • Ships from Greater Sudbury, ON

Wool Dryer Balls 

  • Instead of dryer sheets use wool dryer balls from
  • Ships from Toronto, ON

Magic Balm for Lips and Skin

  • Instead of lip balm in plastic packaging use magic balm in paperboard tubes from The Potion Masters
  • Ships from Calgary, AB
  • You can save 10% from The Potion Masters when you join the Discount Club!

Tru Earth Eco-strips Laundry Detergent

  • Instead of liquid laundry detergent that comes in a plastic container use eco-strips detergent from Tru Earth 
  • Ships from Vancouver, BC

Coconut Scrub Brush

  • Instead of plastic dish brushes use this wood and coconut brush from The Clean Crate Company
  • Ships from Vancouver, BC
  • Save 15% off your first order with The Clean Crate Company when you join the Discount Club!

Linen Napkins

  • Instead of single use paper napkins use linen napkins from Serenity West
  • Ships from Vancouver, BC

Fabric Bowl Covers

  • Instead of plastic wrap use fabric bowl covers from YOUR GREEN KITCHEN
  • Ships from Nakusp, BC

Beeswax bags

  • Instead of plastic bags use beeswax bags from Simpatico Makers
  • Ships from Edmonton, AB

On the Go Cutlery Set

  • Instead of plastic cutlery use bamboo cutlery from allBambu Inc.
  • Ships from Toronto, ON
  • You can save 25% from allBambu Inc when you join the Discount Club!

Bread Bag

  • Instead of plastic bread bags use linen bags from NANA & CO
  • Ships from Burnaby, BC

Reusable Cloth Coffee Filters

  • Instead of single use paper coffee filters use cloth filters from Pinyon Products
  • Ships from White Rock, BC

Reusable Facial Rounds

  • Instead of cotton pads use reusable facial rounds from Ardent Earth
  • Ships from Toronto, ON
Reusable Facial Rounds
  • You can get free shipping from Ardent Earth when you join the Discount Club!

Reusable Towel

  • Instead of paper towel use reusable towels from KLIIN
  • Ships from Montreal, QC
Kliin Reusable compostable towel montreal quebec


  • Instead of plastic adhesive bandages use bamboo compostable bandages from Baltic Marché
  • Ships from Toronto, ON


  • Instead of toothpaste in a plastic tube use toothpaste tabs from [Green]ster Zero Waste Store
  • Ships from Calgary, AB

Handmade Knit Coffee Sleeve

  • Instead of single use coffee sleeves use reusable knit coffee sleeves from Hand Knit Goods
  • Ships from Regina, SK

Reusable tea bags

  • Instead of single use tea bags use reusable tea bags from Practical Homestead
  • Ships from Winnipeg, MB

bamboo tumbler

  • Instead of plastic water bottles use a reusable bamboo tumbler from I LIVE ECO
  • Ships from Toronto, ON

Bamboo toothbrush

  • Instead of plastic toothbrushes use bamboo toothbrushes from allBambu Inc
  • Ships from Toronto, ON
  • You can save 25% from allBambu Inc when you join the Discount Club!

We hope you’ll join us in making the switch to some eco-friendly alternatives while supporting these awesome local shops across Canada.

If you’re interested in discovering even more local Canadian shops, check out our full shop directory here.

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