Frequently Asked Questions

How can Shop Local CANADA (SLC) help my Google rankings and search engine optimization (SEO)?

  • Having your business listed in the SLC business directory provides your business with a backlink which will help your business rank higher in Google search results. This means more people can find you! We also provide multiple opportunities to be featured in blog posts which provides your business with even more backlinks and increased exposure.

After I sign up, what’s the process?

  • YAY! We’ll do a little happy dance because we’ll be so excited you’re joining this amazing crew (aka the SLC fam). After you complete the sign up, we’ll be in touch with next steps and instructions on how to get your directory listing all set up. 

What does SLC do for paid marketing?

  • Currently we invest in the following paid marketing campaigns: Google ads, Instagram/Facebook ads and giveaways. These marketing campaigns drive traffic to the SLC directory and blog which means more eyes on your business.
  • We’re constantly tweaking, reviewing and updating our marketing campaigns to make sure they are providing value to our members. 

How do your giveaways help your SLC members?

  • We run a few different types of giveaways to increase exposure for SLC members with the prize being money to be spent on any shop listed in the directory. Again, more exposure and sales for you! If you haven’t noticed, increased exposure and sales for our SLC members is very important to us 😉

What happens in the private members only Instagram group?

  • We love this part of the SLC standard & premium memberships and based on the feedback from members, this is one of their favourite parts as well. The private Instagram group (@slcmembers) is where we share all the important updates for members, provide opportunities for networking and support through ‘Follow Friday’ posts, ‘share-a-win’ and the favourite ‘Instagram Engagement Boost’ where members like and comment on each others Instagram posts, among other networking opportunities. 
  • The private Instagram group is also where members have the opportunity to submit items/services for upcoming blog posts. 

What’s the biggest difference between the Standard vs. Premium membership?

  • The biggest difference between the Standard and Premium membership is that for Premium members all of their listings in the shops, sales and gift guides sections of the directory show up ahead of Standard members listings. 
  • Premium members are given priority to be featured in our ‘Behind The Biz’ and ‘Female Founders’ blog series
  • Premium members can add 10 sale listings while Standard members are limited to 4 sale listings per year.

I just want to be featured on Instagram, should I still sign up?

  • We focus on driving traffic to the directory from a number of different sources: email marketing, Google ads, paid ads, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest. So if you’re only looking for an Instagram post, this isn’t the right fit for your business. We want to partner with businesses that see the value in what we’re doing as a whole.

Why can’t you tell me exact conversions for SLC members?

  • We do so much of our marketing for SLC members on Instagram which unfortunately is really hard to track. We made the decision to promote our members on social media because it provides more value. This, however, means that our SLC members won’t have analytics on customers referred by SLC. 
  • We do everything we can to increase exposure for your business and get potential customers to your website or Instagram account. You take it from there! 
  • You can review your google analytics to see conversions.
  • We’re committed to providing the best experience for our members regardless of how it might impact SLC and our ability to track conversions. We really believe in what we do, the community we’re building and the value we provide to our members. Read some of our testimonials here.

What are your numbers?

  • We understand that for some people the numbers are the most important thing. We’re really happy with how are numbers are continually growing and we evaluate how things are working to improve these analytics on a daily basis.
    • Pinterest viewers: 400K+/month
    • Website page views: 50K+/month 
    • Instagram followers: 45K+

Do you have any testimonials?

  • Yes! We love keeping track of all the positive feedback. You can view them here.

Why can’t I list individual products in the directory?

  • Our directory is set up to make it really easy to find local businesses across Canada. Through the SLC directory, we help bring exposure to your business as a whole rather than to your specific products. 

If you have any other questions, we’d be happy to answer them for you. Please email us at: