Get To Know Bare Mountain Soap Company

We’re excited to introduce you to Jody, the owner behind Bare Mountain Soap Company, an online shop for handcrafted bath and body products (based in Kawartha Lakes, ON). We hope you enjoy getting to know Bare Mountain Soap Company and Jody a little more!

What does the perfect morning look like to you?

  • Making soap! It’s one of my favourite parts of the job. It’s part science and part art, so for me it’s the perfect blend of my passions. The end result is a beautiful and useful bar of soap that stimulates so many of your senses when you use it, the colour, the feel, the smell! Nothing is better than that 🙂

What’s your favourite thing about owning a small business?

  • Lets me do something that I am passionate about and find so fulfilling while letting me work around my family life and my disabilities.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

  • Australia. It’s just so far and removed from here and it really would be a once in a lifetime thing to take my family there and explore.

What 3 words best describe your business?

  • Handcrafted, Useful, Gentle. My business is based on handcrafting small batches of quality product. I want my products to be truly useful, not waste space and collect dust on a shelf somewhere. I have done extensive research on my ingredients and taken so much time to formulate and test my recipes to ensure a gentle & effective product. I have followed all the government guidelines, submitted my formulas to Health Canada to verify that the ingredients I use are safe.

What did you do before you started your business?

  • My family owned a restaurant for most of my life from when I was a teenager up to just a few years ago. For most of my 20s I lived in BC where I worked in banking and retail management. When I moved back to Ontario I ended up settling back into the family business and mainly did Cooking and kitchen management until my parents retired and sold the business.

What’s one thing people might not know about you?

  • I have a genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) which is a type of connective tissue disorder and as a result I suffer from chronic pain and frequent joint dislocations among other symptoms. Connective tissue is the glue that holds your body together, it’s everywhere throughout your body, so having it be defective causes a lot of issues. Luckily I have a supportive family and a job that allows me to work around my limitations and helps keep me sane!

What’s your proudest moment in your business so far?

  • Being approached to part of a collaboration with other local creators to make a Holiday gift box. I made, bottled and labelled 140 bottles of liquid soap while keeping up with my online orders, custom orders and maintaining stock for a few holiday markets/vendor shows I had signed on for. It’s was a crazy hectic 2 months but I was so proud of myself when it was all said and done. I managed to keep it all together and getting everything out on time and looking great.

What’s your favourite family tradition?

  • Reading with the kids before bed every night. We cuddle in and the whole family is together, it’s great.

What 3 items would you take to a deserted island?

  • Machete, tarp and rope, feel like I could have a pretty good chance of survival with those. A machete is useful for both making shelter, protection, making other tools and so forth. A tarp also helps with shelter, keeping dry, collecting water. Rope helps with tool making, shelter and traps.

How would your friends describe you?

  • Introverted Extrovert!! I am definitely a person who is very in my head, I love to read and do solitary things however once you drag me out of my shell I am very outgoing and loud!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Jody and Bare Mountain Soap Company a little more! Click here to check out her website.

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