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You know you want to support local Hamilton Ontario businesses, so now you want to know what’s the best find at each local shop. These best selling products from local Hamilton Ontario businesses have rung in top of their class time and time again. Whether you’re looking to treat yourself, your little ones, or a special occasion gift, here’s a shortlist you don’t want to miss.


Business: Play Full Goods

Product: Baby Rag Quilts

Play Full Goods regularly sells out of their adorable rag quilts, as these one-of-a-kind items are just too cute to pass up. Unique and practical, these playful and whimsical quilts can be completely customized to match any nursery’s colour palette or theme, making it the perfect gift for you or a loved one.

Business: Oil Me North

Product: Super Budders

Oil Me North specializes in plant-based skin and body care products, sourced from small independent farms worldwide. Try their muscle and joint budder to relieve daily aches and pains, super skin budder to improve, balance and cleanse all skin types as well as their original super budder combining hemp and coconut oil. Our skin already feels smoother!

Business: Ania Karina Studio

Product: House of Hamilton Print

Artist, illustrator, doodler and creative, Ania Karina delivers simple, cute and fun pieces of art. Her House of Hamilton art print is by far the most popular, capturing the various neighbours and different house styles found right around the corner.

Business: Digby Paints

Product: Interior Home Paint

Digby Paints is Canada’s first online paint store. Simply choose your colour and supplies and everything you need to get redecorating arrives straight to your door!


Business: Audrey + Margo Handmade

Product: Handmade Crochet Animals

Audrey & Margo found her niche when she began making cute gifts for little people. Her crochet animals are oh-so-popular because they’re adorable and the attention to detail is incredible. These make the perfect gift for the little one in your life. 


Business: This & That Design Co.

Product: Box Bag

The mother-daughter duo at This & That Design Co. specialize in travel bags, lined with water-resistant fabric that you can toss in the washing machine no problem. Don’t miss their famous box bag, perfect for all your makeup and travel essentials.

Business: Munching Monster Chewlery

Product: Mask Helpers 

Munching Monster Chewlery has created the ultimate mask accessory – a beaded band to ensure you never lose another mask. Add this helper to you or your child’s mask so that it’s easy to access, always where you left it and never sitting on a dirty, unsanitized surface. With attractive colours and a breakaway clasp, this product is a no-brainer.

Business: Luv Lashes

Product: Vegan Beauty Collection

With so many beginner-friendly, glam lashes, it may be hard to choose the BEST product at Luv Lashes. However, the Vegan Beauty Collection is an up-and-coming top seller, comfortable for all-day wear even if you’ve never work strip lashes before. Plus, they’re reusable up to 20 times – sold!

Business: Models & Monsters

Product: Textured Cuff Rings

These handmade textured cuff rings come in 14 styles to encourage and motivate you each day. 

Business: Felker Finishing

Product: Tracing Board (Reversible)

These customizable tracing boards help your child practice the alphabet, numbers and prepare them for writing. Choose from 14 design options based on your child’s specific needs. 

Business: The Curated Closet

Product: Wanakome Sweaters

Stylish and cozy, these Wanakome Sweaters are sure to become a wardrobe staple in Canadian weather.

Business: PeachyPlum Natural Skincare

Product: Palm Balm

With increased hand washing our skin can become dry and cracked. That’s where PeachyPlum’s Palm Balm comes in, this all-natural moisturizer will soothe your skin and leave a protective barrier to help it heal. 

There you have it – best selling products from local Hamilton Ontario businesses! Hopefully you discovered a new local business to support and a new product to try out. Happy shopping! 

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*All images used in this blog post are from the websites or Instagram accounts of the businesses we featured.

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