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Here at Shop Local CANADA we collaborate and partner with Canadian business owners to help bring them increased exposure and grow their businesses on a daily basis. We absolutely love it and feel so honoured that we get to work with so many amazing Canadian businesses.

The variety of businesses that exist across Canada is incredible. Some owners run their businesses full-time while others run it as a side hustle. Some create art while others sell clothing or make their own skin care.

One thing that always stands out regardless of the type of business is the attention to detail in every aspect of the business. Most likely, when people choose to shop local they expect and appreciate all those little details. 

Here are some questions to consider when it comes to the details in business:

  • Does the brand have a feel?
  • Is there a consistent Instagram theme?
  • Do they use brand colours consistently?
  • Do they package their items with care and attention with branded touches?
  • Do they provide an experience for their customers?
  • Do they make sure their customers know how grateful they are for the support?
  • Do they consistently post quality pictures on social media?
  • Do they hold their business to high quality standards?

We could go on and on but these questions help articulate what we mean when it comes to ‘the details’.

We come across a lot of Canadian businesses that are doing a few of these really well but when we see a business considering all of the questions above, it really stands out. 

Let us introduce you to two Canadian businesses that, in our opinion, are building incredibly reputable businesses because of all the details they value and pay attention to.

First up is Baarden, a small-batch, handcrafted beard care company based in Toronto, ON. We first met Adam, the owner of Baarden, after he joined the Shop Local CANADA member community and is listed in the Canadian business directory here on the Shop Local CANADA website. As we learned more about Baarden and the details they bring to their business, we couldn’t help but take notice. 

We had the opportunity to ask Adam a few questions about why the details in his business are so important to him.

Why are all the small details in your business so important to you?

“First off, in the world of online business, without touching or smelling a product that is meant to be touched and smelled, it’s extremely hard for a consumer to differentiate between competitors. I believe that, because of this limitation, it’s important for me to do everything I can to stand out in every other aspect of my business and brand, from the packaging, to the labeling, to the customer interactions and everything in between.

Secondly, I believe that every aspect of a customer’s experience is important. When I take the time to focus on small details, such as ensuring my blue packing tissue paper is exactly 6 inches wide so that it perfectly fits into my 6x4x3 shipping box, I hope it shows the customer that each and every detail has been carefully selected and perfected with the intention of creating a special experience for them.
Finally, the focus on small, minute details of my business such as packaging symmetry or Instagram Feed aesthetics are important to show a customer that if I’m willing to put in the time and effort to make seemingly less important things perfect, I must have spent that much more time perfecting my actual products. My focus on small details is my guarantee to my customers that every order they place and every product they purchase is given the same attention to detail and it is just another way that I can help build trust with my customers.”
Baarden, Made in Toronto

A few of the details that really set Baarden apart are:

  • Eye-catching cobalt blue glass bottles
  • Product labeling that includes a unique story to invoke the feeling of what smelling that individual scent might feel like
  • A uniquely folded cobalt blue tissue paper fold that ensures a tight fit in each box. 
  • A symmetrical and balanced package/packaging box to ensure the most aesthetically pleasing customer experience
  • A custom hand-written note to add a personal touch to each customer’s order
  • Individually hand-stamping each box, reminding the customer that their order has been handcrafted just for them.
  • All Baarden products are made-to-order and are actually made individually to ensure focus is on the small details of each one. 

Another important aspect of business and establishing yourself as a reputable brand is how you show up on social media. Baarden recognizes the importance of their social media presence for their overall brand feel and realizes this is often the first introduction to their brand. And as we know, first impressions matter.

Here’s what Adam says about the Baarden Instagram feed:

“I have created a carefully curated instagram feed that, while used primarily for information delivery, is also used as a preview into the details that can be seen within all aspects of Baarden. Each photo is part of a specific rotation of 4 types of photos used to create a unique aesthetic, which, along with the filters and captions, creates a holistic social media experience. This is just one more aspect of the customer experience, often the potential customer’s initial introduction to my company, and is my attempt to create a uniquely detailed and special experience for each customer.”

Another Canadian business that really stands out to us here at Shop Local CANADA is Virginia, the owner of, is a part of our member community and similar to Baarden, has her business listed in our Canadian business directory. We love helping her increase exposure and grow her business and have been so impressed with her attention to detail and the level of quality in her business. sells modern and unique gifts and goods that are all handcrafted in small Canadian towns with populations of less than 30,000. They also have a seasonal subscription box.

Acre75, Shop Local CANADA, Work From home tips

We had the opportunity to ask Virginia a few questions about ‘the details’ in her business.

Why are all the small details in your business so important to you?

“The Acre75 experience is all in the small details. A personalized postcard included in each order, a photocopy of my hometown newspaper from 1975 turned into eco-friendly tissue paper, an easy to navigate website, an Artisan profile included on each product page, biodegradable packaging tape highlighting small towns in Canada. When you focus on each of these details on their own, they may seem small, but weave them all together and they become significant; they create the entire Acre75 customer experience. Putting an emphasis on the small details shows your customers how passionate and invested you are in your business. It’s these small details that have kept my customers coming back and have helped me to grow my online store and my subscription box.”, Shop Local CANADA

When we asked Virginia which details really set apart, it became clear that she’s thought about every little detail from the tissue paper to custom packing tape to including her favourite quote.

Here are her responses:

  • “I include a personalized postcard in each order that also includes my favourite quote about small towns by Paul Brandt ‘The best things around that I have ever seen, came from small towns and big dreams.'”
  • “Each box that is shipped out is stamped with my Acre75 logo so customers know it is their Acre75 package that has arrived and anticipate opening it the whole way home from the post office.”
  • “I only include recycled packing material in my boxes – never any plastic. The recycled packing material I use looks great and protects my products very well.”
  • “The tissue paper I include in each box is a photocopy of my hometown newspaper.”
  • “I seal my Acre75 Gathered subscription box using a biodegradable and recyclable packaging tape that highlights small towns across Canada.”
  • “I include a card in each Acre75 Gathered box with details on each featured product, including who makes them, what they are, the town that they are made or designed in, the town’s population and a fun fact about the town. I also show a map of Canada with pinpoints so my customers visually know where the towns are located.”

We hope you enjoyed getting to know these two businesses and what sets them apart. We truly believe one of the bests parts about shopping local is the heightened customer experience and the attention to detail. 

If you’re a Canadian business owner, maybe this blog post will inspire you to take a look at your business and consider where you could add in some special touches to enhance your customer experience and increase your brand identity and reputation.

Remember, it’s all about the details 🙂

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