Aeer Bags

Hood Backpacks For Professional Dwellers

“AEER Bags is a company that designs bags for creative professionals who are looking for elegance at work, travel safety and utility in their daily lives.

Founded in 2014 in Montreal by Marc-Antoine Rivet, the beginnings began in a garage in Montreal where innovation and the desire to do something different took place.

Aeerbags have been designed with the utmost care to offer our high-quality products to better support you in your daily life.

Protecting what matters in style has never been easier.”




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2 reviews

  1. The Best Bag Ever.

    I’ve owned many bags over the years and there’s one reason I keep coming back to AEER bags: top quality products. This bag is perfect for everyday use. It’s not too bulky, but not too light either. As usual, AEER nailed the aesthetics and it has the perfect amount of pockets and compartments for all my stuff. Plus, it’s made of quality materials that don’t feel like they’ll fall apart or tear if you’re a little rough with it. Buy this bag. You won’t regret it.

  2. This company deserves to be much more known!

    The quality of my bag is just impeccable. The people behind Aeer are also designers and manufacturers of several brands in Canada, including Lolë Canada! If you look hard enough, you’ll find good things in Quebec! They hide their secrets well. I love their branding!

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