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Unique handcrafted decor pieces made of recycled wood + high-quality, long-lasting wooden toys that look great and can be used not only for creative, open-ended play but also for playroom decoration. Our products serve as eco-friendly alternatives to cheaply made plastic goods that often end up in the trash.

Beautiful, sophisticated and unique, our accent pieces will add a natural touch to any home or office decor. They can also be a nice gift for a true art lover, collector of one-of-a-kind items and eco-conscious parents with a penchant for interior decorating.

When designing these products our goal was to create something that requires as little new materials and natural resources as possible. No new trees have been cut to make them. We use only repurposed and reclaimed wood, already fallen trees and branches of the trees that have to be occasionally trimmed as well as natural finishes and zero VOC paint.