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Amali offers a range of crystal healing products beginning with a wonderful collection of original and uniquely designed healing bracelets, handmade with love and intention.

My name is Reem and I am the founder and creator/designer at Amali.  I have been inspired by so many blessings in my life which have afforded me an opportunity to put my heart and soul into my original and unique designs.  With selections to suit minimalist jewelry enthusiasts, bling lovers and even seekers of the perfect bracelet for those treasure moments, like your special day, everyone is covered!  And custom orders are available too.

Each bracelet is hand strung with intent and love using natural gemstones.  I use a combination of methods to cleanse and energize your special bracelets.  These include charging them under the delightful and abundant energy of the full moon, California White Sage and Palo Santo smudging as well as the use of Selenite.  This means they are ready to be worn when you receive them and they are set to magnify your intent and purpose as well.

Candles and smudge kits are also made and prepared with the same care and love and using the same cleansing and energizing methods.

Amali means my hope.  And my hope is that you will discover an abundance of love and healing wearing and using my handcrafted products.

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