Amali Crystals

Gemstone Jewelry & Gifts

More than just gems, we are a Lifestyle Brand of Hope that truly offers something for everyone, something for every occasion, and something for every day.  Our custom work is genuinely authentic and guaranteed to bring you a design that not only speaks to you but helps you define your style and become an extension of your unique beauty.


Every bracelet, design, necklace, earring, and more, is made with one intention in mind. To give you the highest amount of healing and hope with a style that is bold and uniquely Amali. Hope is a lifestyle that spreads smiles, happiness, and love to all. Beyond bracelets, necklaces, and pretty things, we are here to create a community.

With selections to suit minimalist jewelry enthusiasts or gala lovers, everyone is covered!

Each item is cleansed and charged using selenite, the Moon energy and Sage and Palo Santo.  This means they are ready to be worn or used when you receive them, and they are set to magnify your intent and purpose as well.

Amali means my hope.  And my hope is that you will discover an abundance of love and healing wearing and using my handcrafted products.

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