Let nature nourish your skin

Hello. My name is Rissa and I am the soapmaker behind Aromariss.  I started making soaps in 1999 while I was living in Senegal, West Africa.  Because of the a limited choice in supplies, I set out to create a recipe with oils and butter that are easily available in the region and  soon realized that using 20% shea butter in soaps made a wonderful bar that did wonders to dry skin.  And while my recipe has changed when I moved to Canada, it now has Olive oil, my soaps are still made with 20% shea butter.


I only use natural ingredients such as herbs, clays, spices, vegetable juices. I have deliberately chosen not to use synthetic colours and fragrances because we believe that nature provides plenty!

I hope that you will enjoy using our products as much as I enjoy making them.

Based in Ottawa, Ontario.


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