Bath & Body Rituals Bundle 20% Off

20% OFF RITUALS Collection

Bath & Body Rituals Bundle 20% Off

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Ease into the slower winter season by giving yourself a new rituals. Whether it’s a moment to reflect, a time to rise to the occasion, or simply taking time to restore and fill your cup, our RITUALS Collection is here for you.


Rituals Dead Sea BATH SALTS:

Relaxing and nourishing, the Ritual Dead Sea BATH SALTS is a step up from traditional salt baths. Luxurious in nature, each one of our Ritual Dead Sea BATH SALTS is made with intention and purpose, infused with essential oil blends and blended with select botanicals and herbs, giving you the perfect excuse to soak and relax.

Rituals Chamomile Coconut BODY CREAM:

Light and smooth, the Chamomile Coconut Body Cream is softening and conditioning for the skin, with extra soothing effects from chamomile extract. Rich and luxurious, tucuma and babassu butter shine in this body cream, bringing a velvety smooth finish to your skin, while providing delicious hydration to your skin, courtesy of coconut water. Available in all of your favourite Rituals Collection scent profiles.

Rituals Botanical Dead Sea BATH BOMBS:

Scented perfectly with essential oil blends and topped with botanicals and herbs, our Ritual Botanical BATH BOMBS are formulated with intent and dedication to finding purpose and creating ritual in our lives. They’re your next evening treat, weekend special, or anything in between.

Available scent combinations:

  • Au Naturel (unscented)
  • Reflect (lavender + palmarosa)
  • Refresh (citrus)
  • Rise (lemon + mint)
  • Rest (cedarwood + rosemary)
  • Restore (eucalyptus + fir needle)

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