All-Natural Nose & Paw Protecting Balm

Protect Your Pets Paws From The Elements

Our Natural Paw & Nose Protecting Balm (60 mL) is designed to protect, moisturize, and heal your dog’s paw & nose.


Paws are easily damaged from everyday wear & tear, as well as harsh conditions like snow, hot pavement, rough surfaces, and road salt. Our balm provides a protective barrier from these conditions, preventing paw damage and cracking. In addition, our balm moisturizes, heals, and soothes dry or damaged paws and noses. Our paw balm is handmade, using all-natural dog-safe ingredients and sustainable practices. All oils used are organic and infused with marshmallow root and plantain for extra skin-soothing properties.

Directions: Massage balm into your pet’s paw pads, between toes, and/or nose. Apply a thick layer before walks for protection from harsh elements. Apply a thin layer after walks to moisturize, soothe, and repair. Occupy your pet and prevent them from licking to ensure absorption. Don’t worry if your dog licks the balm, as it is non-toxic. Store balm at room temperature to maintain optimal texture.


At Precious Pawz, we aim to create products as sustainably as possible.

– We use mainly organic and sustainable ingredients in our Paw Balm, with the exception of avocado oil, as it is considered clean produce.

– We specifically chose to use beeswax in our formula, meaning it is not vegan. The vegan alternatives to beeswax are candelilla, soy, or carnauba wax. Candelilla wax is an endangered plant, which has to be heavily processed and is generally associated with both environmental and ethical concerns. Soy and carnauba waxes are often associated with similar environmental and ethical issues, especially in regards to deforestation. As such, we chose to use fully biodegradable & natural beeswax. While beeswax does have some concerns, most of them are associated with unsustainable, large-scale farming practices. We source ours from small-scale, local farmers, that harvest as ethically as possible.

– Our Paw Balm is packaged in aluminum tins, as aluminum is 100% recyclable.

– Our labels are printed personally, on biodegradable and dissolvable labels.


Coconut oil*, extra virgin olive oil*, shea butter*, beeswax (from local ethical farms), avocado oil, vitamin E oil, jojoba oil*, plantain*, marshmallow root*. *Denotes organic ingredients.

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