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Natural Skincare & Haircare: Hippo Soaps & Shampoo Bars

Do you have a zest for life and a desire to make a difference? 

Welcome to our tribe.  We create beautiful natural bath & body products that are kind to people, animals, and our planet, so together we can make a difference.

Our Hippo’s are real natural soap, and our shampoo bars are pH balanced salon quality shampoo without water or a plastic bottle.

BEBA Botanica Clean skincare and haircare products created with luxurious plant oils and butters infused with botanical extracts and gently scented with sustainably sourced essential oils.

Hippo Soap bars are made by hand in Victoria BC from the finest vegan oils. Naturally coloured using botanical extracts, clay, and mica, our hippos will gently cleanse without stripping your skin’s natural moisture. We blend our oils for function and balance and use white clay to “hold” the scent through the soap bar so your hippo smells fabulous until he’s gone.

Shampoo bars are not hippos, and they are not soap. Beba’s shampoo bars are pH balanced and sulfate-free, with gentle biodegradable eco-cert approved cleansers and all the luxurious oils and butters you will find in our soaps! No water = no plastic bottle. Each 90g bar should last you 60-80 washes, equal to 2-3 bottles of your regular shampoo.

Conditioner bars for hair that needs extra nourishment and repair. An excellent addition to your hair care routine and especially if you have long, dry or curly hair or hair which needs protection from the sun or the sea.

BEBA Botanica promotes a zero-waste, healthy lifestyle, and we encourage sustainable environmental practices. Our products are cruelty-free, biodegradable, and non-toxic. We believe in being kind to ourselves, each other, and our planet.

BEBA Botanica’s Hippo Soaps & Shampoo bars are made in small batches from scratch with fair trade and ethically sourced ingredients. Our scented products are fragrance-oil-free – containing only therapeutic grade essential oils that promote joy and well-being. Our fragrance-free products are packed with botanical goodness – without any scent or essential oils.

Our Hippo soaps and hair care products are packaged in biodegradable packaging, and for every order you place we plant a tree with Seed the Change. Because we just LOVE OUR PLANET ❤️.

Our products are free from sulfates, silicone, phthalates, parabens, gluten, lactose, animal by-products.

Vegan, Cruelty-Free & Non-Toxic – Clean Haircare & Skincare from Nature.

Thank you for being kind, compassionate, and considerate.



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