Big Beautiful Cup Ceramic Mug

by DIYxe

Chiropractor by day and DIYer by night! I am Sheryl Holst owner of DIYxe.
Growing up my dad was my superhero, I swear he could make or fix anything! I would spend hours watching him build things, no matter what the project was he always seemed to know exactly how to build it! (& this was before the days of pinterest or google) Both my parents shared the sentiment that making something or fixing up an old item was far better than just buying something new from a big box store. This is a principle I still live by. My favourite phrase or maybe better said my famous last words were always “I could make that” and so the DIY project would begin.
Today I still have a passion for building and creating. I believe that every handmade item has a story to tell. There is no better feeling than seeing an idea you dreamed up come to life. Through my items and tutorials I hope to share this passion with others.

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