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Blackhare is the passion project of husband and wife team Nick Chase and Monica Resendes. Nick is a trained glass artist who has built a national reputation with his hand-blown glasswork. But, since it’s impossible to run a glass studio out of a tiny basement in East York, Nick decided to teach himself a new skill and become a screen printer so that he could keep his dream job of making a living doing creative work a reality.

Nick is also a talented illustrator and photographer and creates all of Blackhare’s designs from original photography, drawings, or a mix of both. He prints every item in his small home studio by hand. While Nick does all the dirty work down in the basement studio, Monica keeps the business side of things going, usually with a three-year-old dangling off one leg and a one-year-old dangling off something he shouldn’t be dangling off (that’s the reality of a family business!)

As a small business, Blackhare is committed to moving towards sustainability as much as possible. Some ways we do this is to use only eco-friendly inks and zero plastic packaging. As we grow, we are continually searching for ways to make our business more fully embody our values.


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