All natural, trulyl Canadian body care & home scents

Blusaffron was created as a need of expressing myself through anything but words. Making products that are at the highest level of quality, affordable & beautiful, sharing my feelings & my stories, my knowledge & my craft with the world around me became my priority. Blusaffron products are not just scented goods for home or body. They are story narrators. In a world where moving fast is a way of living, I ask you to take your time & discover every aroma… find who you are by discovering yourself in one of our scents, re-live your “first time” memories by using our scented goodies or embrace the art of thoughtful gifting by sharing our products with your loved ones. Let scent define you & your home,  your memories & your feelings with our beautiful soy candles & wax sachets. Sometimes romantic and suave, other times bold and powerful, mysterious and dark, joyful and zesty… just like you, just like your life and the best moments of it.

Over time, Blusaffron became more and more about natural body & skin care, so new ways of making scent & aromatherapy part of everyday life is now my priority. From shower steamers to scrubs, lotions, butters, soaps, deodorants or shaving products, all natural, clean ingredients are at the core of all our goodies. Flowers, petals and stems that I grow, pick, dry & use in all products, directly from my garden, carefully & uniquely created infusions, tinctures & concoctions, original formulas & recipes and a fresh, trendy, clean approach to packaging are all staples of Blusaffron brand.

Men or babies, young or older, we all need to take care of our skin using fresh products, free of harmful ingredients, natural & organic, responsibly sourced, using reusable & recyclable containers. After a long & careful market research & years of formulating & trying, I can definitely declare myself more than confident in the quality of our products. Once tried, they will become addictive, but that’s OK because we are here for the long run…

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