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Thanks so much for your interest in Bobbi’s Jeweller.

Hey I’m Erynn Guild and I run the company Bobbi’s Jeweller. I create light weight elegant wedding bands and one of a kind jewellery.

My desire to create jewellery symbolizing love was the drive behind Bobbi’s Jeweller. I absolutely love the idea of creating that special wedding band that says “I love you” for the rest of your life! Being the part of such a beautiful commitment is the reason I love creating Jewellery, whether it be for a wedding, a promise, a gift for a loved one or even yourself. I am grateful to create such lovely adornments for people to wear.

All my work is created in a tiny at home studio just outside of Owen Sound Ontario.

Custom orders, and repairs are welcome.

If you have any questions or concerns please send me a message, I’d love to chat.