Bode Goods Co

Minimal Maps of Canada

Bode Goods Co is an Okangan-based small business that creates aesthetic & minimalist maps of Canada. We started with a simple map of our hometown, and now have created over 200 locations for others.

About Us

We have always been passionate about home and adventure.
Two words that may seem like opposites, but really are the perfect pair.

In 2015, we went on an adventure that shaped us, challenged us, and inspired the name for this shop.

Through that adventure we realized the significance of home, wherever that may be.

We looked for something to honor our hometown in a way that was modern, minimal & aesthetically pleasing, but couldn’t find anything (not even a cheesy postcard).

So in 2019, as a passion project, we created a digitally hand drawn map of our hometown. This was the beginning of Bode Goods

Where to find us

Our maps are modern, minimal & feature places in Canada big and small. We sell them in various shops around the country via our wholesalers as well as through our online shop

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