Bundle Baby

Life-on-the-go made easy with car seat safe apparel!

From frustration to idea to product.  

Do you remember the first time you heard “winter jackets aren’t safe in the car seat” (insert head exploding emoji)? I live in Ottawa, Canada and what the…? Winter jackets aren’t optional. I thought “why doesn’t someone create a jacket that fits OVER the harness?” …and, hey, that “someone” ended up being me!

3-in-1 Blanket

Safe in the car seat. Cozy in the baby carrier. Snug in the stroller.  The Bundle Baby 3-in-1 Blanket is perfect to keep babies cozy on-the-go! The blanket was designed by a Canadian mom to be easy to put on & quick to take off!  Thoughtfully designed, this will be the most versatile blanket your baby snuggles.

Toddler Poncho

Cute way to keep kids warm in the cooler months!  It’s also a safe way to keep kids warm in their car seat. This Car Seat Poncho fits over the harness and keeps the child safe in their cars seat.  If kiddo is warm, you can take the poncho off easily without unbuckling the child.

**NEW** Bundle Mama Poncho

The idea for this product is a “wearable blanket that stays on when you get off the couch”.  The ultimate working from home uniform! Perfect for walking the dog, picking up the kids at daycare/school bus stop or just a good old Friday night Netflix binge!

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