Pamper Me Pretty

from YYC Collective

The perfect way to unwind after a big or stressful day.


T H I S  B O X  I N C L U D E S :

BKIND –  Lemon + Lime Lip Balm
Sensitive and delicate, your lips are quickly affected by outside aggressions such as weather changes, so they need a little help to stay soft and well moisturized.

Our lip balm will create a protective barrier against further cracking and will give a long-term hydration to your lips, leaving a fresh scent of lemon and lime and a wonderful glossy finish.12 g

Minimal Llama – Floral Facial Mist
Make with more than 50% organic rosewater providing skin firming and antioxidant benefits for the skin. This romantic floral mist is a facial toner, aroma/relaxation mist, and pillow/linen mist in one. Even, soothe and tone skin with this rich source of tannic phytochemicals. Helps to close pores tightening skin and decreasing absorption of impurities. Rosewater, lavender, and ylang-ylang promote a youthful appearance, provide feelings of relaxation, and have antimicrobial properties to assist with problem skin.

My Yoga Room Elements – Eye Pillow
Whether you intend to relax the mind and ease tired eyes or enhance Savasana in your yoga practice, let this plush luxury eye pillow be your go-to. Therapeutically weighted and perfectly sized to provide nourishing benefits to refresh you in both body and mind.

YYC Collective – Soak + Naked Coconut Milk Bath
A woody milky coconut type with top notes of coconut milk, and pineapple, middle notes of violet, with a woody, musky base note. Soak the day away (or start your day) with a coconut milk bath! This jar contains 6 ounces of coconut milk bath soak.

YYC Collective – Soak + Get Naked Exfoliating Cubes
Scrub + Get Naked Exfoliating Sugar Cubes are made perfectly to treat you neck to toes. This mini jar contains 4 cubes.

YYC Collective – Greeting Card
Choose your card and personalize the inside of their card by adding your own text, and adding their name to the front of the envelope! We know some of our products are edgy, but – please know that the text is subject to approval. Not sure? Submit it and we will let you know if your note requires changes.

YYC Collective – Gift Box
We’re all about making sure your gift looks on point – so we use these beautiful boxes to wrap things up – pun intended.

Please allow up to 3-7 business days processing time. If you have any questions or need a rushed order, please contact us at before ordering – we will let you know if we can accommodate – we will do our best!

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