Carry-On Friendly Shampoo & Conditioner

by EmElleEm Soaps

Since 2016 EmElleEm Soaps has been dedicated to creating something for everyone.

Do you have a shower-lover in your life? We got you! Shower bombs are incredibly popular and offer the added benefits of aromatic essential oils.

Looking for cleansers, scrubs, and moisturizers? We can do that too! We have a variety of solid and liquid products in any size to suit your needs.

Are you a traveller? Our carry-on friendly shampoo/ conditioner/ soap/ and body butter options make your airport security experience a breeze!

Our aim is to be the place that you can happily find most anything you’re looking for! We believe that all of Canada is “local” for us, and our shipping prices reflect that.

We use sustainably sourced, naturally derived ingredients while still producing fragrant and colourful products with paraben/pthalate free fragrances, and synthetic mica colourants. We take great pride in being knowledgeable with our ingredients and finding the perfect balance of luxury, affordability, and conscientiousness.

Whether you’re a shop-local enthusiast with a love for quality handmade items, or a business looking to provide custom artisan products to your customers. We’re here to help!

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