Catnip Pouches and Toys for Cats

Catnip - The Ultimate 'Energizer' for Cats!

The oil found in catnip and catmint affects cats and older kittens differently, but for the most part when cats smell it they feel euphoric and happy. They can exhibit behaviour such as chin and cheek rubbing, kicking, rolling around and sometimes evening leaping in the air!

  • We grow, harvest and dry our own catnip/catmint year-round in St. Jacobs, ON
  • Products are all made-to-order and filled with catnip just before shipping to ensure maximum freshness!
  • Some of our toys also contain fun sounding crinkle paper, rattles, natural cotton rope, and/or wooden beads
  • Each pouch or toy is handmade using 100% cotton fabric (including flannel) and is double stitched for extra durability to withstand vigorous play
  • We have designed our toys for maximum cat stimulation and engagement while ensuring durability.