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In the frantic morning hustle, it’s easy to see why so many of us parents opt for dressing our kids, just to get on with the day. But self-dressing is more than a simple task of adding/removing clothes. There are emotional benefits attached to finding the time and patience when kids dress themselves. That’s why we at Choulala Box are the first fashion box that is passionate about empowering kids to dress themselves to express themselves by simplifying fashion. We are a curated, fashion box that delivers the latest, on trend children’s clothing, right to your door.

Kids and Parents work together to build their own box, using the BLAST™ Method (that stands for Bottoms, Layers, Accessories, Shoes/Socks & Tops), a fool proof technique covering the 5 basics of any wardrobe that can empower kids to dress themselves each morning, aka, one less battle to deal with!

The BLAST™ Method simplifies fashion for our littles, encouraging them to form a personal style and to express themselves with totally kid-pleasing combos. We believe that kids don’t need more clothes, they need quality, versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a multitude of style possibilities.

Each of our boxes contains quality, stylish and most importantly, kid-friendly essentials because we search the globe for socially responsibly brands handpicked for each season and full of style possibilities, Choulala believes that less is more! The clothes are carefully selected for maximum versatility, so kids can wear them in whatever combinations strike their fancy.

Adorable outfits aside, we have to point out that Psychologists and Parenting Experts all agree that self-dressing is an important emotional milestone that kids reach to learn self-motivation and independence, including: fine motor skills (via buttons/zips/buckles/snaps), gross motor skills (balancing and coordinating arms and legs) cognitive skills (the sequence that clothes go on), linguistics (learning different types of clothes, colors and sizes) and time perception (coordinating right pieces for varying weather conditions).

My Story

Life as a working mom of two is unforgiving. Making the most of your time becomes an obsession. Scouring traditional retail stores in order to shop for my kids’ wardrobe needs is time consuming and exhausting. Nor could I find a one-stop online retailer that could help me simplify the process of what they needed each season.

I also discovered that our kids’ sense of independence starts as early as 2 years of age, when they exert their will of what they want to wear each morning; aka “wardrobe tantrums”.

That’s why I founded Choulala Box and the BLAST™ Method as an easy and fun to remember acronym for kids to learn all 5 categories of a wardrobe: (1) B for Bottoms (2) L for Layering Pieces (3) A for Accessories (4) S for Socks and Shoes and (5) T for Tops.

When they know these categories and how they work together to create outfits each day, they will literally have a BLAST™ in dressing themselves to express themselves. And you will have one less battle to deal with each morning, like my family and I do now!

Rola Amer

Founder … but also another mom!


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