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Handcrafted. Just for you.

At Cocoa40, we believe there’s a better way to enjoy chocolate. Not only should every bite be mouth-watering and delicious but we also believe each chocolate should be beautiful and entice you with your eyes. That’s why we have a commitment to our customers to deliver the most beautiful and flavourful chocolates using only the best ingredients. This means we never use artificial flavourings or inclusions. All of our flavour infusions come from real herbs, spices, fruits, and nuts roasted in house to create a full-bodied flavour profile in every bite. We want your taste buds to experience the creamy, luxurious texture of French chocolate we use, combined with the unique flavour profile of each item on the menu. We believe that the quality of the end product starts with a profound understanding and respect for the ingredients used in every stage of production.
We believe hand-made chocolates are a lot like people – each one is unique in its own special way. For that reason, we decorate each and every chocolate by hand with coloured cocoa butter, making each one unique and unlike the rest. We take lots of pride in the work we do and the products we create because you deserve nothing but the best.

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