Collins St.

Speciality Woman's Boutique

Collins St. was inspired for all of the rad boho babes, who can’t wait to find the next fabulous printed dress to pair with their killer leather jacket. You certainly don’t want everyone and their neighbour having the same piece and you are eager to find unique brands who cater to the even more unique woman – you!
Our bohemian driven culture is strongly influenced by Australian and LA Designers. Their designs are carefree and easy to wear, allowing you to incorporate the pieces into your daily life with ease and of course, insane beauty. We strive on quality and fit over quantity. Whether it be a stunning print or an unreal cut, we are constantly on the search and we won’t stop until we get our hands on it.
Let’s face it – life’s too short to be boring and people are going to stare – so let’s give them something they can’t take their eyes off of!

Shop online now or at our YYC studio located in lower Mount Royal.
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12 Street Southwest 1729 Calgary
Calgary T2T 3N1 AB CA
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