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Chunky Knit Chenille Blankets

Get excited to come home and curl up in your new favourite comfy blanket!

This super-soft, chunky chenille throw blanket is so light & cozy, it will feel like its hugging you back!

After a long day, you may be tired and have low energy. You are just ready to plop on the couch, turn your favourite show on, and snuggle up right?!

You will feel pampered and relaxed just by pulling this blanket over your body. This chunky knit Is ready to HUG you after your day.. if you are having some “you time”, or if you have a special someone to cozy up with, we got you covered!

The weight of this blanket WILL melt away any stress and anxiety! Feel your breath slow down, your muscles relax. No more overthinking -THIS IS YOU TIME! FINALLY!

WARNING! You will want a blanket for each family member to avoid any fighting in the house over the blankets! Let it be YOUR blanket:)

Made from extra-thick 100% polyester chenille and as such is hypoallergenic, light-weight, and fully washable. Chenille is a lovely alternative to Merino wool and is super light. It is great for babies and children to snuggle under. These Blankets are entirely handmade and no two are exactly the same, however, all are made with the same amount of love and attention to detail. This chunky knit blanket is  perfect for a cozy night. Share it with someone you love!

Chenille chunky knit blanket – This beautiful blanket will be a great gift for you or someone you love. It can decorate the living room, create a comfy atmosphere, photo background, and makes a beautiful bed runner.
Incredible high quality – It’s materials are non pilling, non shedding, easy to manage, and unique.
Warm and comfortable – 100% Handmade chunky blanket, the knitted throw doesn’t itch or irritate your skin. It feels incredibly soft and comfortable to the touch. It moulds softly around your fit body, effectively regulating body temperature.
This blanket can be used on your bed, sofa, chair, yoga mat, pet mat, or baby play mat. This blanket will bring a special charm to your living room, bedroom, or workspace.
Extra small (approx 30×35)- Great for babies (supervised) , small kids, and your pets will LOVE these blankets. If you don’t want them to lay on your blanket, you may need to get one for them too!
Small (approx 35×50): Great for younger kids, pets, or to just have as a lap blanket.
Medium ( approx 40×60):  Great for a decorative throw on the couch or bed, or to use as you read, or watch TV . Perfect size to cover you and from chest to toes:)
Large ( Approx 50×70): Just a bit Rooooomier for you to snuggle up!
Extra Large ( Approx 60×80) : Great for SNUGGLES FOR TWO, or to use on your bed.
Sizing chart is an approximate guide and may not be exact as stitching will stretch to meet measurements.
Wash instructions: Please wash your Chunky Knit blanket in cold water on a  gentle machine cycle or Hand wash and dry on Delicate- or lay flat to dry.
All Blankets are Handmade which means that no 2 blankets will be exactly alike. There may be small blemishes in your items as the yarn skeins are never perfect!
The shade of your selected color may vary slightly depending on the brightness of the screen you used to view the item. Sample photos will depict the true color as accurately as possible.
Custom Colors and sizes available- please contact for more information.
All Blankets are made with love and triple checked for quality before being shipped.

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