Cover Story Styling

For wardrobes that are relatable, personal and functional.

We all have a story, and the way you present yourself is the Cover Story to your book.

Cover Story Styling is about creating wardrobes that are relatable, personal and functional for your lifestyle. If you look at all the clothes in your closet and feel like you have nothing to wear, or when you get dressed you think “good enough”- we can do better. You deserve better!

Whether we do a Wardrobe Edit, Personal Shopping & Styling session or a one time Event Styling session, as your stylist, I will help you (re)discover your style and ensure that your Cover Story is true to who you are. The end goal is that you look forward to getting dressed because you love your clothes and you feel amazing in them.

Together we will build you a wardrobe that you are excited about, that truly reflects your style, and when you look in the mirror, you’ll smile because you feel amazing.

Calgary AB CA
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