Dadirri Naturals

Natural Health & Body Care

Our Foundation:

Dadirri Naturals is founded on the belief that all-natural, high quality health and beauty alternatives should be available to everyone. We pride ourselves in hand-crafting simple yet effective, luxurious products using top quality ingredients. All of our products are locally made, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They are locally tested, and locally inspired.
​Enjoy products that are great for your body, your wallet, and your world.

Our Story:

​Ashley Delorme, the creator of Dadirri Naturals, first went to Australia in 2010. During her time there, she was introduced to Aromatherapy and when she got really sick with food poisoning, she experienced the benefits first hand. After vomiting all night nonstop, diffusing Peppermint oil allowed her to finally rest and stopped her nausea within minutes, it was amazing. When she returned to Canada, she finished her Education degree before diving into her diploma for Aromatherapy. Ashley received her Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma from West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy while working away at learning natural product making back in Australia again. Ashley is now back home in Canada, handcrafting each and every product while thoughtfully choosing the essential oils she uses to ensure they both work well and smell amazing.

Our Name:

Dadirri: ​The concept of inner deep listening and quiet still awareness; a ‘tuning in’ experience to deeply understand the beauty of nature

Our Dedication to the Environment:

Dadirri Naturals takes care to respect the environment while using packaging that will keep our products safe for you. We use minimal packaging and wherever possible, we use biodegradable kraft material. When necessary, we have chosen to use #1 PETE plastic which means that it is recyclable everywhere so please, recycle! Take comfort in knowing our products are good for you and your world.

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