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Energy Healing & Aromatherapy

At Divine Remedy Healing our mission is to help our clients achieve a state of wellness by restoring emotional and mental balance with Aromatherapy & Energy Healing. We concentrate on clearing, balancing and activating chakras by releasing stagnant energy and allowing a free flow of energy in the body. Using a combination of aromatherapy, reiki, meditation, and coaching we create and hold a space for your healing while providing ongoing support and guidance.

To support your ongoing journey to wellness, Divine Remedy’s founder and clinical aromatherapist, Bojana, has created a preservative-free, additive-free, and fragrance-free aromatherapy wellness line and energy infused diffuser gemstone jewelry. The current line focuses on skin care, immune protection, anxiety and stress management, headache / migraine pain control, mental clarity, emotional support and central nervous system (CNS) calming.

All of our products are made using the highest quality organic ingredients and formulated using strict essential oil safety guidelines.

Our brand new energy line is now available at select locations.

Full list of products and services is available on our website www.divineremedyhealing.com
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