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Divine Remedy line of products was created by a Clinical Aromatherapist and Reiki Master with a mission of helping clients restore mental & emotional balance and heal the soul.

Our aromatherapy products are organic, small batch and preservative-free crafted with carefully selected ethically sourced and high quality ingredients.

Our essential oils and carrier oils are sourced from Canadian distillers and suppliers and carry EcoCert and USDA Organic Certifications.

Our high quality gemstones are sourced from Brazil and Canadian suppliers that we proudly partner up with. The quality can not only be seen but it’s felt with each stone carrying an undeniable energy.

All of our products are hand poured, packaged in glass bottles (whenever possible and applicable), carry an affirmation statement and are infused with Reiki Energy!

We are a proudly Canadian company who strives to provide our clients with high quality products at affordable prices.

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For more information visit our website:  www.divineremedyhealing.com

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