Dog IQ Toys

Keep your dogs engaged and out of trouble!

For dogs of various breeds and sizes, these engaging, multipurpose toys are sure to impress the dog in your life and give you a much needed break to get some work done or just some peace and quiet.

  • Snuffle Balls and Snuffle Logs are great for mental stimulation, enrichment and for managing unwanted behaviours to aid in distraction from undesirable activities.
  • Snuffle Balls and Logs help to stimulate your pet’s brain by using their sniffing skills to hunt for treats/dry kibble within folds of fleece.
  • They can also be used as a slow feeder as it prompts dogs to engage in foraging and scavenging behaviours.
  • Both toys are fully machine washable in cold water. Hang to dry with convenient loop
  • Durably constructed using non-fraying, pet safe fleece
  • Multiple colour combinations available