Blue Chaouen, 1000 Piece Puzzle

Chefchaouen, Morocco

“Blue is my favourite colour, so when I visited Chaouen (as the locals would say), located in the Rif Mountains of northwest Morocco, I was in heaven, both as a photographer and tourist. So many shades of blue cover this charming town and there are multiple theories (from as early as the 15th century) as to why this is.


With a large Jewish population dating back to the Middle Ages, blue represented sky, heaven and God, and so the tradition began. Other theories include: to keep the town cool on warm days, to deter mosquitoes, to represent water or the sea in the mountains, or maybe just to look great and attract tourists! Whatever the reason, the town is a work of art at every corner. ‘The Blue Pearl of Morocco’ will surely be one of the highlights of your trip to this special country.”

– Jonathan Ferguson (Photographer, Traveller, and Transplant Survivor)

  • Magnetic book box
  • Zipper closure fabric bag
  • 1000 precision-cut pieces fit snugly
  • High-resolution image
  • Finished puzzle measures 50 cm wide x 70 cm high

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