Sustainable eco-friendly clothes

Did you know that fast fashion is the second largest polluter in the world?

This is why EVRDAY is:

100% Made in Montreal – 100% Product of Canada – 100% Eco-friendly

Why we choose that even if it’s really more expensive?

📈1) Economy: I’m from Canada and I want to impact our economy in positive way and also securing jobs here. In the last 50 years, America went from producing 95% of our own clothing to only 3%.

🙋🏻‍♀️2) People: To make sure that people who work on our products are the legal working age, are treated fairly and work in safe conditions.

💎3) Quality: I can see every piece and I can do a quality control on those. High quality clothes last longer.

🌱4) Environment: We keep our practice as green as possible, from A to Z: design, materials, fabric, production, shipping, etc.

We did that choice, will you?

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