Expressions by Lavindi

Crystal jewelry handmade with intention in Toronto, Ontario

Expressions by Lavindi connects individuals with unique handmade jewelry using hand-picked crystals and uniquely designed colour combinations. Each piece is created with intention with a focus on healing and empowerment. We truly believe that the crystals choose the individuals based on their vibrational frequency. The energy that each crystal possesses is meant to forge a connection between the individual and their inner being.  Our pieces are meant to speak to the soul and spread positivity. We aspire to encourage each individual to be the best version of themselves while spreading love and kindness along the way.


2 reviews

  1. Great Selenite!

    Just got some selenite and the quality is amazing and the price is great! Cute packaging too

  2. Lavindi is wonderful and her work is beautiful. She goes out of her way for her customers. Thank you Lavindi!

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