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Eco-Friendly pet beds made from upcycled fabric and Kapok fibre

Our slouchy style pet beds are handmade with love from 100% upcycled fabric, using thread that is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and stuffed with all natural and sustainable Kapok fibre filling. Light and easy to carry with its own handle; your pet will fall in love with the soft and comfortable support of their new resting place.

– Made from 100% upcycled fabric. We cut our fabric from upcycled bedding or off-cuts from fabric stores that would have otherwise been headed for the trash.
– Sewn with 100% recycled polyester thread. We choose a thread that has been spooled from recycled plastic water bottles.
– Stuffed with 100% all natural and sustainable Kapok fibre.

Why Kapok Stuffing?
Kapok is an all natural fibre extracted from the seedpod of the Kapok tree. These trees grow naturally and are not harmed in the harvesting of the seedpods, making kapok a sustainable resource.

Kapok is an eco-conscious pet lovers alternative to regular pet beds. Unlike the standard polyurethane pet beds that are stuffed using plastic and toxic, human-made chemicals in a factory. Did you know these chemicals break down and become airborne? Your pet breathes them in when they rest for many hours a day in their favourite spot.

We choose a better way! Stuffing our pet beds with Kapok fibre is not only environmentally friendly, it is also safe for your pet! Kapok fibre is lightweight, non-allergenic, non-toxic, naturally anti-bacterial, resistant to rot and odourless.

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