Tourmaline Hoops

by Over The Moon

Hi everyone, my name is Layla, the face behind Over the Moon.

Over the Moon creates meaningful jewelry that reflects your singularity and personality. I design and meticulously handcraft all of my jewelry. Every gemstone has a meaning and healing properties which resonate with the pieces I create. I also recently started to integrate fresh water pearls and shells into my pieces. My inspiration is fueled by my travels and my love for the outdoors.

The name Over the Moon came to me after unaccountable hours of brainstorming and debating.”Layla” means “starry night” in Arabic and Hebrew and the Moon and stars have always reminded me of these warm summer nights of the South of France when I spent hours stargazing.

The Moon is tightly connected to the tides which symbolizes the flow of life.

My zodiac sign is Cancer which is a water sign with the Moon as its ruling planet.

The most efficient way to cleanse your crystals is to lay them out in the light of the full Moon.

Over the Moon’s acronym, OM is also a sacred sound and is known as the sound of the Universe.

So many meanings behind this name, which is also why it matters so much to me to be creating meaningful jewelry. Something special that reminds you what you are Over the Moon for ☽

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