Gold Heart Studs

by kp jewelry co.

The act of true self-expression is a powerful agent for change – and when women live as the fullest expression of ourselves, we empower others to do the same.

At kp jewelry co., we leverage the power of our self-expression by supporting Crossroads International, a leading Canadian volunteer agency advancing equality for women and girls and eradicating poverty in Africa.

When you purchase a piece of our jewelry, you are contributing to the Girls’ Empowerment Clubs in Ghana, eSwatini and Togo. In these Clubs, girls learn about their rights, their bodies and how education can empower them to change their future. Empowerment Clubs are safe spaces where girls find the confidence they need to protect themselves and make lasting changes in their lives.

kp jewelry co.’s pieces speak to women who know they are fabulous as they are, who want jewelry to amplify that assurance, and who desire to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Creating jewelry to amplify self-expression is what we do. Inspiring women to leverage the power of our self-expression to serve others is who we are.

Buy a piece. Express yourself. Empower a girl to do the same.

xo kathleen



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