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Golden Brick Road Publishing House is a female owned, Canadian, boutique press created to encourage gender and cultural equality while embracing diversity. Our authors grow and diversify their careers within the subjects of health and wellness, sociology, women’s studies, business, and personal development. Boasting a unique hybrid co-author program (one of three publishing programs) that capitalizes on the concept of “many hands make light work,” GBRPH works with our authors as partners. Thanks to the value, originality, and fresh ideas we provide our readers, GBRPH is now an award-winning publisher with books available in bookstores across North America. Each product is developed in house for a minimum of 12 months with the help of many talented people. We guide each book through market research and development, content creation and editing, design, and manufacturing.

GBRPH aims:

1. to focus on women’s leadership and empowerment because we know that a future with equal involvement of women to men in business and society paves a golden path for both genders to flourish in a new trusting and loving way;

2. to allow our authors the space to heal through the written word: “writing is the communication with the self” as our founder says;

3. to develop content that effects positive social change; and

4. to provide publishing services to our clients that deepen client outreach and audience engagement.

2 reviews

  1. Enjoyable books: funny, real, and uplifting

    I enjoy the writings of the authors!

  2. Starting an author career, and supporting others

    GBR has been a life changer. I joined 1 of their co-author programs, then another, and another. 3 books! The books are raw and real, make you feel deeply, and the team behind the books are incredibly supportive. Good prices and great discounts.

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