Wood Sunglasses and Wood Phone Cases

Founded in 2014, GoWood is a Canadian family-owned company based north of Montreal, Québec. We specialize in the sale and distribution of high quality wood sunglasses for men and women and wood phone cases for iPhone and Samsung. Our collection of wood accessories is constantly evolving and we remain on the lookout for the latest trends. Our mission is to offer high quality wood products that are not only original and unique, but are also sustainably sourced and affordable for all.

GoWood sunglasses are made of high quality materials and are manually assembled for optimal quality assurance. Our sunglasses are comfortable, light, do not slide off your nose and provide real protection. Our polarized lenses are FDA approved and CE certified category 3, which means they carry the UV400 (against UVA and UVB) label and are impact resistant.

We currently offer 30 pairs of wood sunglasses made of bamboo, walnut, ebony, zebra and maple wood. Choose between the ever popular wayfarer style sunglasses, the trendy round models or our latest addition, the square style. By buying a GoWood pair you are sure to have a truly original item as every pair of sunglasses is unique due to the ever changing wood grain in each and every pair. No two pairs are exactly identical!

Our phone cases are made of a unique combination of polycarbonate and natural bamboo with beautiful engravings or natural walnut wood. Polycarbonate is a plastic polymer which is known for its very strong and lightweight characteristic. It is then covered with a thin layer of rubber to further help reduce impact of sudden shocks.

We currently offer four different styles for almost all iPhone and Samsung Galaxy lines. Your phone will look unique with the beautiful real wood backplate and enjoys real protection with the polycarbonate casing.

Our newest wood product: 100% wood made wireless chargers. For only $35, our new chargers are available in two wood types: Walnut and Zebra Wood.

They are a perfect fit if you are looking to buy a high quality fast wireless charger, produced primarily with natural resources, making each unit 100% unique and beautiful. Great idea for gifts too!

At GoWood we try to make a difference by reducing the amounts of plastics consumed. We believe that naturally sourced materials can make a big difference to the total amount of plastics wasted in the world every day. Bamboo is the ideal alternative candidate, as this it is one of the fastest growing hard wood producing plants in the world and is therefore the most sustainably available. As a result, the majority of our products are made with bamboo. When you purchase a GoWood product you are therefore contributing to a world with less plastics.

Finally, as a part to our commitment to sustainability, we make an annual donation to Tree Canada for the sales made through our webshop. We are committed to encouraging the replanting of trees throughout Canada and and giving back to offset what we consume.

As a local Canadian business we are proud to offer high quality products and customer service to Canadians across the country. Your satisfaction is our priority! We offer free shipping over $70 and free returns within 7 days of receipt on all our products, no questions asked.

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