Herb-Infused Felted Cat Balls

3 Herb Infused Cat Balls In a 100% Compostable Re-Charging Tube

Local Herbs, 100% Compostable, Long-Lasting Fun


Our herb blend is locally sourced in British Columbia and we use an evenly distributed amount of 5 herbs; honeysuckle, valerian root, catnip, catmint, and silvervine powder. Not all cats respond to each herb individually so we have combined all 5 to ensure everyone’s cat will enjoy them.

We have also carefully and deliberately chosen our suppliers to create a sustainable and ethical product that can be completely composted.

Our homemade toy cat balls are designed to appeal to all cats and be disposed of responsibly when they eventually reach their final use. We have also included instructions in each 3-pack on taking care of and recharging your cat balls.

We hope to create long-lasting fun for your feline friend.

Each recharging tube has 3 cat balls; each cat ball is approximately 1.25 inches in diameter.

4.00g ethically sourced Alberta Shetland Wool per ball.
0.5g cat herb blend per ball.
2.0g bag of herb blend for recharging.

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